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Migrating my blog and personal site to Jekyll

After several years of using Wordpress as my blogging platform of choice, I've made the decision to move my personal site to Jekyll static site generator . Why I'm doing this Super Fast As I've blogged about on Justia's Legal Marketing & Technology Blog several times, web performance matters ....

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Personality Test 2020

This morning as a team building exercise, the Engineering Team at Justia took personality tests at the website 16 Personalities and shared our results. In the early days of this blog (was called Cap's Log back then) I took some online personality tests from time to time and posted my results...

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Event Review

My Google I/O 2019 Experience

Barbara and I attended the Google I/O 2019 developer conference earlier this month. We’ve attended the conference every year since the first in 2008. I also attended its predecessor, the original Google Developer Day the year before. This marks my 13th annual general Google Developer conference,...

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Collaborative Firm 2: Multi-User Chat

In this article I review Slack, Stride/HipChat, Flock, and Chanty. I also discuss using your existing Instant Messaging services as a multi-user chat with Google Hangouts Chat and Skype for Business. And finally, as before I give you a self-hosted option by talking about running your own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) service on a local server.

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Top SEO and Marketing Trends of 2017 (Plus a Look Ahead at 2018)

As I did last year , I've done a new Online Marketing Year in Review post over on Justia's Blog for year end 2017 . Check it out for my review of all of the biggest news in SEO and online marketing from 2017, as well as my predictions on what will be important in 2018.

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The Virtual Assistant Wars Heat Up

The ongoing battle for which tech giant will listen to you in your home is getting more intense with new announcements from Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Check out my latest post on Justia's blog for more details about these announcements.

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Hurry! Time Is Running Out to Migrate Your Site to HTTPS!

My latest post on Justia's Blog reiterates the impending deadline for migrating your site to HTTPS . If you haven't migrated your site to HTTPS yet, you need to get right on that. Check out my article for more on why it is important to migrate your site right away, and check out my previous...

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