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Birthday updates

On the highly unlikely chance that someone is actually reading my blog…. you may have wondered if I dropped off the face of the earth or something, no I did not, in actuality I moved back in with my family in TX, got settled in, and then… took a vacation! Actually my 21st birthday was this past...

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Conference, Visits, and Cuba

It has been a very long week. I was running the A/V system for the annual district conference of the Southwestern District of the C&MA, long days but a lot of fun overall.

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Not too fat to journey through space... mountain!

As many of my friends know, I am a huge Disney Fan. A year and a half ago, on a trip to Disneyland with my wife and Brother-in-law I went through the line queue at Space Mountain and attempted to get into the ride vehicle. Sadly, I couldn’t even sit down, let alone pull down the lap bar, and I...

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Looking forward to the Third annual 24 hour Disney Day

Barbara and I are ready to attend the Rock Your Disney Side 24 hour event at Disneyland Park this Friday. For the third year in a row, Disneyland will be open for 24 hours from 6 am Friday to 6 am on Saturday morning. This year’s hashtag is #RockYourDisneySide and the event has a Heroes and...

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Wearing a Computer at MIT, a Two Decade Dream Realized

When I was young (somewhere in the early/mid ’90s), I saw some program (I don’t know which) on PBS and they were talking about some guy (I can’t find the program and don’t remember the name, but I presume it was either Thad Starner or Steve Mann ) at MIT who is wearing a computer with a Head...

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Rolling up a New Character

After 14 years in Silicon Valley, I'm packing up and moving to southern California, to take on new challenges.

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Vegas Vacation

I’m mere hours away from taking a little vacation to Las Vegas along with my wife, and my roommate. Tomorrow morning I will board a Virgin America flight (I’m much looking forward to trying them out), for Las Vegas. I’ve got a lot of fun planned, including one last trip to the Star Trek...

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Riding on air

I’m not sure why I’ve never done this before, but I’m writing this blog entry from the air, literally. Barbara and I are on our way to Texas to attend my brother’s wedding. David is getting married on Saturday in Houston. We are on our way to my parent’s house in Arlington at the moment and will...

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Life Changes

My last blog post before this one was in August and things have definitely changed in the lives of Barbara and I since then. The biggest change (really the only change but it has affected so much of my life it’s really a category rather then an item) is that I got a new job. I now work as a...

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A Wedding

Friday the 5th of May was a very busy day. It began by driving my girlfriend to the airport so she could go home. She had to take a very early flight in order to make it home because later flights were filling up fast. I then went from the airport directly to work where I worked a long and full...

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Updating my map of where I've been

Long ago I used to update a World66 Map any time I had been somewhere I hadn’t been before, well since then I have been to 2 other states. The reason I think about this now is because I returned to those states a week ago to see my sister get married.

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525,600 minutes, how do you measure a year

My how time flies. I went to my blog today and noticed, low and behold, that I hadn’t updated it in over a year (15 months to be more exact) and a lot certainly has happened in that year. With this new post I have also replaced my old blogging software (I was never quite happy with Blog:CMS) with...

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Camping on the Rocks

Actually what this refers to is that last week I went with the Junior High youth group of my church to their first annual Junior High camp (called Rock Camp 2004 cause the name of the Junior High youth group is Rock). I had the wondrous joy of driving a van full of young teenagers and preteens...

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Leavin' on a jet plane...

don’t know when I’ll be back again , ok so that’s not true, I’m currently planning on returning on Thursday. It’s been a very rough week. As many of you are aware, PortalKeeper and WhiteDog have been working feverously all week to try and get a new server online and all the data transferred from...

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You can't see where you are going...

Unless you know where you’ve been. I generated a map of the states I’ve been in as well. I’ve also generated one of the maps showing the one Canadian Province I’ve been in Together this means I’ve been in the following countries:

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Updated map

It seems I left off at least one state in my map last week of the places I have been. I have also been to Georgia, I am searching my memory to try and recall if I have been to South Carolina or not, I think I have, but until I remember a specific instance, I’m going to leave that one uncolored....

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The Week from Hell

You know the expression " It can't possibly get worse? " You know how whenever anyone says that it almost invariably… DOES get worse? It's been like that for me lately. Any of you who happen to read my blog probably consider me a pessimist with the relatively bleak outlook on life I've had the...

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