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Welcome to my digital abode! I'm Nick Moline, a tech wizard and theatre enthusiast. Embrace the fusion of engineering and artistic wonders as we explore the boundless realm of software engineering, science fiction and fantasy, and technical theatre.

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Backfill Complete

The lengthy process of editing all of my past content to be fully compatible with statamic is finally complete.

1 minute read.

A Journey to the past: Experiencing my blog from 2004

Ever since the move to Statamic, I’ve been systematically going through my old posts and fixing them so they look good in this post. I’ve been doing these in small batches and as of tonight have updated the archive all the way back to the beginning of 2004 and a smattering of posts from 2003.

1 minute read.

Migrating this site to Statamic: the more things change...

I’ve migrated this site multiple times over the years. It has run on Movable Type , BlogCMS , Wordpress, Drupal , back to Wordpress , and most recently, Jekyll . There was a lot to like about Jekyll: The fact that the public website was completely static html eliminated the possibility of the...

4 minute read.

Rolling up a New Character

After 14 years in Silicon Valley, I'm packing up and moving to southern California, to take on new challenges.

7 minute read.

Welcome to the new

After several years of being separate, I've merged my personal sites of and into a single site, and given it a pretty substantial overhaul at the same time.

9 minute read.