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How I am voting this election

I have friends and colleagues from both parties, and I just choose to keep my opinions on political matters private as there are so many people who are much better than me at articulating political issues. Choosing to talk about my beliefs would normally incite arguments, and my time on social...

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On Ben’s view on how to fix the Legislature

2011 Editorial note: over the years Ben eventually Abandoned his blog and the original post is gone, you can see a copy of Ben’s original article on the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive here . Ben posted on his blog today about a plan on how to “fix” the United States Legislative Branch by...

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No, I didn’t come up with that title, my girlfriend told me about where there is an interesting political cartoon is currently being shown to anyone who wants to click it. In case they change their homepage, the link I just posted should go straight to the video, but be sure to visit...

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