How I am voting this election

How I am voting this election

I have friends and colleagues from both parties, and I just choose to keep my opinions on political matters private as there are so many people who are much better than me at articulating political issues. Choosing to talk about my beliefs would normally incite arguments, and my time on social media is better spent talking about things that people would only tease me for rather than argue with me.

If you pay attention to my various streams, you’ll note I purposely stay away from posting about politics or other hot-button issues. I haven’t posted in the Politics category of this blog since 2004, and that wasn’t so much about politics as it was about the way the Legislative Branch of the government is organized.

Every election I exercise my right to vote and express my political beliefs through that medium. This election, however, has become such a sham that I feel I can remain silent no longer.

Since before I even had the right to vote, I’ve identified myself as Republican. My primary reason for this is that as I was growing up, it was the Republican candidates who agreed most with me on issues that are of particular importance to me. I’m not going to talk about these issues here because they very well would incite some of those arguments I was talking about, and I agree to disagree with some my friends.

That said, I’ve never simply voted along party lines for the sake of voting Republican. Whenever possible I learn everything I can about what all candidates for each job believe in, and vote for the one that more expresses my views. Most of the time, this has been the Republican candidate, particularly in presidential elections. In fact, I can honestly tell you I’ve never voted for a Democratic Presidential Candidate.  I have voted for Democrats in other offices, but not for President.

The moment Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential campaign, that trend ended.  As the primary race continued, and every other option for the Republican party dropped out, and as Donald Trump’s outrageous comments continued to get worse, I watched in horror as my chosen political party backed a racist, sexist pig for President of the United States.

At first, some of the outrageous statements Trump made shocked me, calling Mexicans “rapists” in general, calling on “2nd amendment” advocates to “do something” about Hillary Clinton, and suggesting building the Great Wall of America and ridiculously thinking that Mexico will “gladly” pay for it.

At this point, however, nothing he says shocks me.  The only thing shocking about the recording of his lewd comments about women that was released on Friday is that anybody finds this shocking anymore.

Donald Trump says sexist things all the time, why is anyone shocked that he is sexist?  Donald Trump says racist things all the time, why would anybody be shocked that he is a racist?  Donald Trump says stupid things all the time, even with “the best words,” why would anybody be shocked that he is an idiot?

How could anyone, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, want this man to have access to the nuclear football?

I’ve never been a big fan of Hilary Clinton, and yes, she has some controversies around her too, but when the other choice is Donald Trump, this Republican, this Conservative, this Christian will be voting for Hilary Clinton.  In the 2016 election #ImWithHer.