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Weight Loss Update and transparency

As everyone who has ever seen me (or a picture of me) can attest, I am extremely obese. After I wrote my most popular blog post ever , one wiki (which doesn’t seem to be online anymore) linked to my article and credited me only as “a very large man” and it is true, I was and still am quite huge....

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Surgery has been scheduled

The Gastric sleeve surgery I mentioned in my earlier post has been scheduled for July 26, 2012 at 10:00am at El Camino Hospital . This is the same hospital I was in last fall when I had Cellulitis in my left leg.

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Pre-Op Appointment Day, Down over 83 pounds!

Today was my pre-op appointment with the surgeon to make sure I’m all set for surgery. When I stepped on the scale (which looked just like the one pictured on the right) today I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’m down to 406.7 . This means I’ve lost 83.5 pounds total so far and I...

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Just over a week to go...

I’m really feeling the pressure of this liquid-only diet. It’s hard, it’s extremely hard. The strange thing is, it’s not the lack of food that makes it the hardest. What makes it really hard is that I’m just sick of the protein shakes. Fortunately, a good friend and coworker has brought me some...

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Time for the clear liquids only

This morning at 10 am Pacific time marked 48 hours till I go under the knife. That means it is officially time to switch to clear liquids only. On the bright side, no more protein shakes until a few days after surgery. On the not-so-bright side, I’m now severely limiting my caloric intake even...

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Midnight, T-10 hours to go, time to stop drinking water

It’s midnight, it is now officially the day of surgery, and the latest phase takes effect, as of this moment, nothing more to drink (or eat, though I haven’t been allowed to eat in weeks anyway) until after the surgery, even water. Surgery is tomorrow at 10 am Pacific time (just 10 hours away).

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Not too fat to journey through space... mountain!

As many of my friends know, I am a huge Disney Fan. A year and a half ago, on a trip to Disneyland with my wife and Brother-in-law I went through the line queue at Space Mountain and attempted to get into the ride vehicle. Sadly, I couldn’t even sit down, let alone pull down the lap bar, and I...

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180 Pounds Down

At my weigh in this week I was down to 310 pounds which brings me to 180 pounds lost!

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One Year Post-Op

It has been 1 year since my weight-loss surgery, here's how I'm doing and how I celebrated.

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Walk with me to End Lupus

As many of you know my wife Barbara has Lupus and in October she experienced a flare-up of her lupus that put her into the hospital. Before this flare-up occurred, however, I was already planning on doing a 5K charity walk called the Walk to End Lupus Now. After the flare-up occurred it became...

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Fitbit Tracking

Several months ago I got a Fitbit tracker as a prize for a contest. While I generally dislike exercise (as much as I know I should), I love gadgets, and this thing is as geeky as a pedometer can get (note, the @fitbit folks are very adamant that this is not a pedometer, but it accomplishes the...

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Lupus Awareness Month - October

Throughout the year there are a number of “Awareness Months” for various diseases and disorders, and while I sympathize with people with these disorders, and have a tendency to donate to their various goals, most awareness months have little personal effect on me. October however is different, in...

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Upgrades and hard work

I recently migrated and other sites from Regulus over to a new server named Atlas, it’s much more powerful, but there were some hiccups in the transfer that I’m slowly having to iron out. I also just upgraded WordPress to the new 2.7, and I must say, I’m not a big fan of the all-grey...

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A Funeral (and almost another)

This is a retroactive post, in May, I had a horrific experience where I almost died from a combination ailment and a car accident. While working late at the Want a Better Website offices, I started experiencing great pain, I believe now that I was passing a kidney stone. I decided at 4:30 a.m....

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Influenza, the Musical

I’ve been bedridden for days with the flu and it’s driving me bonkers. A few years ago I would occasionally watch the show Even Stevens on the Disney Channel and I’m reminded of the episode entitled “ Influenza, the Musical ” as I lay in my bed coughing. At least everyone around me doesn’t...

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It's the Simple Things...

I’m constantly being told I’m far too negative, that I focus too much on all the bad things in my life, and not enough on the pleasures in life. It’s 5:35 in the morning and I haven’t slept. In 4 hours I’m going to have to be at school ready to perform my first graded scene in Acting I class,...

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