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A Funeral (and almost another)

This is a retroactive post, in May, I had a horrific experience where I almost died from a combination ailment and a car accident. While working late at the Want a Better Website offices, I started experiencing great pain, I believe now that I was passing a kidney stone. I decided at 4:30 a.m. that I should drive home. While driving, I had a car accident, as another symptom of the ailment (a sudden need to vomit without warning) caused me to swerve, hitting the curb and destroying both left tires of the car, not to mention bending the front struts in the impact with the ground. I was hurt, but not more badly than my gut was already feeling.

The car was in pretty bad shape, but thanks to the generosity of the Eden Road Community Church Compassion Team, my car was repaired, even though I could not afford to pay for the repairs myself.

But that is the “almost another” mentioned in this post, the actual Funeral I am mentioning is that of Barbara, my fiance’s grandfather. I attended the funeral with her in Northeast Texas, it was a very sad day.