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Walk with me to End Lupus

As many of you know my wife Barbara has Lupus and in October she experienced a flare-up of her lupus that put her into the hospital. Before this flare-up occurred, however, I was already planning on doing a 5K charity walk called the Walk to End Lupus Now. After the flare-up occurred it became...

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Rachel Beckwith's Amazing Gift

For her 9th birthday, Rachel Beckwith asked people to donate to charity:water rather then give her presents. Sadly when her birthday arrived she was $80 short of her goal of raising just $300 for charity:water. A month after her birthday she died in a car crash, in the month since her death,...

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Generosity of Others

I am starting a new tag in this blog called Praises. Here I will report some good things that are happening in my life, this way I can hit the Praises category button and look back at the blessings in my life. Yesterday (well Friday, so now the day before yesterday) I was working at the SWDCMA...

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