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Generosity of Others

I am starting a new tag in this blog called Praises. Here I will report some good things that are happening in my life, this way I can hit the Praises category button and look back at the blessings in my life.

Yesterday (well Friday, so now the day before yesterday) I was working at the SWDCMA office fixing a broken Outlook client (Yes, I know, from our techie perspective all Outlook clients are broken, but in this case, she had lost all of her e-mail, contacts, calendar, you name it, she lost it). After I was finished, Iris gave me a lift home. On the way we stopped at Fry’s Electronics so I could help pick out what Battery Backup they will need to keep their server operational in power outages (their current server just isn’t cutting it).

After that stop, and the quick drive the rest of the way home I entered the house and went to check the messages on the answering machine.

On the machine was a message for me to call Bridget, a lady from ERCC who runs the Compassion Team. I called her back and she told me that she had heard that I Needed Tires. Her husband owns a Firestone store in Fort Worth and they generously were going to provide those tires for me.

Not only did they provide tires and realign my system, but because I was on my doughnut, Bridget drove in front of me so that if I were to get another flat on the way, there would be someone there to help me.

I am truly grateful for this great help in my time of need.