As I mentioned yesterday I’m moving posts over to Jekyll from my WordPress blog. To get started, I used a wordpress plugin called simply Jekyll Exporter to export all of my posts and pages into markdown files. This worked pretty well, but since I want my site to be 100% AMP Only, I decided that rather than just publishing them all I should make sure that none of the old markup (much of which has been migrated between 3 different platforms) ends up causing pages not to validate in the AMP Validator.

This morning as a team building exercise, the Engineering Team at Justia took personality tests at the website 16 Personalities and shared our results. In the early days of this blog (was called Cap’s Log back then) I took some online personality tests from time to time and posted my results here, so I thought I’d do the same here.

Barbara and I attended the Google I/O 2019 developer conference earlier this month. We’ve attended the conference every year since the first in 2008. I also attended its predecessor, the original Google Developer Day the year before. This marks my 13th annual general Google Developer conference, and my 12th Google I/O specifically.