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(This is a retroactive post, this post is written from the perspective of the day it occurred, Saturday, but was not posted until Sunday)

Well today was filled with job opportunities, Depression, and surprising requests. The day began when I was checking on the status of the family computer and checking some e-mails and the Metadot website. The reason I had gone to the Metadot website was to check to see if there had been any comments concerning the plug-in I had posted to Metadot Friday night. Friday night before going to Evermore CD Release Party, I quickly posted a plug-in I had written for the Metadot Portal Server that creates both RSS and Java-Script news-feeds for any channel stored in the Metadot for inclusion in other websites.

Anyway I was browsing this site quickly before I went with my Dad to see David’s play (mentioned earlier) I noticed that at some point Friday they had posted a job opening on their website for a Perl Developer, with a little puzzle to get it started, As many of you know, I have visited the Metadot corporation headquarters last month. when I began my search for a job that has been almost exactly a month long now.

In other related news, My mother was asking me this morning if I could contact the person with DotSpot Internet Service in Tennessee and ask them if it is possible to meet with them on a Saturday rather then a weekday, I’m assuming because she is thinking of going to Tennessee with me to facilitate that possible job interview. I told her I would contact them to see if that is a possibility.

When I was about to enter the theater to watch David’s Play I got a call on my cell phone from Mr E asking me if I would be willing to run Sound tomorrow morning. I told him I would be happy to but that I am a little nervous about it, I’ve never run sound for a Sunday Morning before and was a tad nervous about it.

So David came home late this evening, apparently his school won a few awards but apparently did not win the overall competition. David got an “All Star Cast” award (apparently it means he was the best in his production), he was also second place for best Actor overall (someone from Martin High won). One of the girls in his school’s cast won best Actress. They placed third place as far as their play itself is concerned.

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