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The Great Depression, No not mine

(This is a retroactive post, this post is written from the perspective of the day it occurred, Saturday, but was not posted until Sunday)

This is a story about depression, but unlike previous posts about depression, this depression has absolutely nothing to do with me. I’m talking about the Great Depression of the 1930s. I say I’m talking about it, I should be saying the play my brother was just in was talking about it.

Today my brother was at Martin High School along with several other schools to compete in the UIL One Act Play 2004 acting competition for District 5A-7, the play his school selected was

“The American Clock” by Arthur Miller (Produced through special arrangement by Dramatists Play Service). David played the part of Lee Baum, a lad with high aspirations to write for a newspaper who’s dreams are shattered by the Great Depression.

David’s school did their perform ace first so after David was done with his part of the program, Dad and I left, rather then watch the other 6 schools do their performances which would have kept us there all the way who knows how long. The play was good but as Dad and I were leaving the theater Dad said

“That was good, kind of depressing though”
To which I answered “What do you expect from a play about the Great Depression”

“Oh is that why they call it the depression?” he answered back sarcastically.

Good play, I’ll have to check out to see if there’s a longer version available, this seemed rather short and condensed.

One thing that struck me was the location. Martin’s auditorium is not as nice as Seguin’s (David’s School) where I’ve seen his previous plays. The chairs are older, an ugly shade of orange, and very very small, I felt like I was sitting in a grade school auditorium rather then a high school’s. No consideration for fat people such as myself at all, how annoying.