Back online and battling the flu

Well it has been well over a month since I last posted a log entry and that is because when I moved the SubspaceLink over to its new home I didn't copy over an important part of the Movable Type blog system, the database, and being lazy as I was I kept procrastinating when it came to doing it from that point on.

Well I've been suffering through the Flu for the past several days, yesterday and today were the worst and I'm really hoping I get better soon because this thing is killing me. Lying in bed for the past 2 days I spent the time this morning to copy over the missing part of MT and so now I'm writing a blog entry.

Much has happened in the last month and a half and I won't go into detail on all of it, but let's start with the biggest news. I'm in love! Because I'm not sure if my beloved wants me to talk much about it I won't tell you all here who she is or many details, but I will tell you that i had no idea what love truly felt like and I've never been happier. She is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think of before I go to sleep. I could be having the absolute worst day possible and then she gives me a call and suddenly everything is going great. Even yesterday when my flu was at its worst, she called me in the morning and just talking to her made me feel better.

The Joint Venture I'm a part of is starting to come together nicely, I should get my FEIN for PortalKeeper, Inc. on Monday and the JV should be finalized by Tuesday. If we can reach our goal of 1500 customers by the end of February I should be able to move away from TX and do my work via correspondence and via business trips by March.

Well I'm gonna end this post for now, I'll post more later when I can remember more that has happened in the last month worth posting.

[Listening to: I can only imagine – MercyMe – the worship project (04:09)]