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Even though my blog is self hosted, I like many wordpress users use wordpress.com stats from the Jetpack plugin.

This year, the great people at WordPress.com decided to create some really great looking Annual Reports for blogs using wordpress.com stats.

In 2011 I wrote only 12 posts, which is really pathetic, but nowhere near as bad as 2010 where I posted a whopping 3 posts. I resolve in 2012 to write more often.

My most popular post of the year? Pottermore Cheats: Earning more house points through failure then success in potion making where I outlined the flaws evident in the Potions system on Pottermore, which have since been fixed as I mentioned in my second most popular post of the year.

Check out Jetpack.me’s full 2011 year in blogging on nick.pro report.

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Nick Moline

Senior Software Engineer at Justia, Tech Wizard for Harry Potter Lexicon, Theatre Sound Designer.

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