Want to post to lists in Facebook like you can post to a Circle in Google+? You can!

So I really like Google+ and happily post away to my Google+ Profile.  Unfortunately not everybody has access to G+ yet.  Facebook still is king of the ring, but I’ve long wanted to do what Google+ does natively, which is to say specify who should see my posts based on groupings.

It turns out, facebook does have this feature, but it only works from the Facebook Website (not from the mobile apps or through the API) and it’s a lot more kludgy to use then it is in Google+.  

Step 1) Write your post in the normal “What’s on your mind?” box as usual, but don’t click Share yet.

Step 2) Instead of clicking the Share button, click the little lock next to it bringing up a drop down of Privacy options.  Select Customize from this dropdown.

Step 3) In the “These people:” drop down, select “Specific People…” and in the text box that pops up, begin typing the name of the facebook list you want to share with.

Step 4) Click on Save Setting, and then click on the Share button and your post will go only to the specific list(s) you selected, just like Google+ (just more time consuming)

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Nick Moline

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