Justia Dockets Upgraded and Interview

We at the Justia team have been working hard on improving the already fantastic service by adding in some great new features. We have already made it easy to browse through the case filings and find cases filed by court, but now we have added in a new feature, once you are on a court page, you can get a list of Judges and browse down a level further to get all of the cases seen by that particular judge. Like the court pages you can subscribe to an RSS feed of all of the cases with that judge, or filter the results more by picking a type of lawsuit and showing only particular types of cases.

The bigger upgrade however is that we have now taken the cases back further and instead of just showing cases filed since 2006, we have gone all the way back to the beginning of 2004. The reason we have added 2 additional years of cases into our system is so that we can also add in even more information about cases then ever before. We have retrieved from the Federal courts, thousands of written opinions, orders, and decisions by Judges and made them available for downloading. Cases that have written opinions are signified on Justia Federal Court filings and Dockets with a Gavel Icon (), while featured cases where we have retrieved all documents filed in the case are signified with a Star icon ().

To make the Cases that have written opinions and orders easy to find we have added 2 new features. First the search box on the top of has a new option to only search cases that have written opinions filed in them. Second, we have added an entirely new site Justia Federal District Court Opinions & Orders which is like a filtered down version of the Justia Dockets site, showing only cases that have opinions in them, and ordered slightly differently. Instead of being ordered by the date the case was filed, the Opinions & Orders site orders the cases by the date of the last filed opinion or order.

Like the Justia dockets site, on Justia Federal district Court Opinions & Orders, you can subscribe to an RSS feed of all of the cases that have opinions in a particular state, in a particular court, with a particular judge, as well as filter any of these by type of lawsuit.

I’ll end here with just one more interesting thing of note. I’ve been Interviewed by the LibraryLaw Blog on these new features. So go check out the interview by Mary Minow.