A Good Day

That’s right, I said today was a good day. Now I’m actually referring to Friday, as not enough of Saturday has occurred yet to make it a good day or a bad day, but here’s how things went down today.

I was woken up earlier then I expected by Goo wanting to once again talk about his latest gaming fad GuildWars. After he talked to me for a good hour it was fairly apparent I was not going to get back to sleep, so I went and took a shower and got ready for the day.

Upon getting ready I called the SWDCMA office to see if Dan was there. See last week I worked hard on creating a new version of their website, but I have not yet been able to meet with the Superintendant about this new version to see if they like it or hate it. This is mostly my fault because I was supposed to head down there last Friday, but last Friday was the day from hell and I never got away from my first job of the day that will never ever pay me.

Anyway back to today. Iris said that Dan was there, and that if I headed down there straight away they would take me out to lunch so that they could discuss the questions they had about the website over lunch.

I headed down there, arrived about 12:30 or so, and talked with Dan, talking him through the basics of the metadot system and showing him some of the site features. Then at about 1 o’clock, Dan and Iris took me to a local Saltgrass Steakhouse where I had an incredible lunch paid that Dan very kindly paid for. Through lunch I was able to answer a lot of their questions about the features and they were sounding more and more excited about what the new interactive version of the website was going to be able to do for them.

My steak eating was interrupted by my cell phone ringing. My mother was on the other side of the line and she asked me to try and head down to my old school (TCC) to find out how much it would cost for me to go back to school next semester because she has found out how she can get a great deal on a loan from her work’s credit union and she would really like to see me going back to work on completing my education. Now I never was able to make it down to the college today, but I will be going down there tomorrow.

The reason I never made it down to the college is because I spent the next 4 hours in the district office talking them through the finer points of what the metadot system can do. The more I told them about the various features in the new version of the site, the more excited about it they became. At the end of the day, they made sure to tell me that I need to make sure to bill them for those hours of training at my standard consulting rate, so for an incredibly enjoyable afternoon of training people on their new website, I will get a pretty decent day’s wages (4 hours at $40/hour).

While I was training them on their website, one of their tenants (they lease out office space in the building to other businesses) came by and when she found out what I was doing, talked to me briefly and I will be meeting with her on Tuesday at 10 o’clock about creating her a website as well, which will be some more income from creating a new site, as well as new residual income from a new hosting customer.

While I was driving home I decided to make a couple phone calls. I called my pastor who has a small job for me to do tomorrow, which will bring in a little bit of extra income next week, and I called Goo. Goo turned out to be at a computer consulting job of his own, and although he wasn’t able to fully solve her problem, I apparently called at an opportune time because I was able to offer a little advice, not to mention remind him that he needs to head back to his home to watch Enterprise cause there’s no way he was going to want to miss Part 2 of the 3 part saga with special guest star: Brent Spiner

I got home with an hour to spare before Enterprise and had a very nice dinner when mom brought home salad and chicken tenders to make a very nice and simple chicken salad. _Enterprise’_s episode tonight was absolutely excellent. “Cold Station 12” was an incredibly enjoyable way to spend an hour and I am excited about reviewing the episode for the SubspaceLink later this weekend.

After the show I got online where I found out that there was a task waiting for me with the ACTDR NOC team. I have been asking for a task to do with that team, as I am supposedly a member of that team for months now. The task happened to be one that was right up my line of expertise and I was able to knock it out easily, helping me with my great sense of accomplishment today.

With my girlfriend we were finally able to play a game that both of us have been wanting to play for months now but neither of us have been able to find the time. The game went very well and we both enjoyed it tremendously.

And I wrapped up the highly productive day with a double-dose of accomplishment, first by finishing a task I had taken up to help Jadzia a few weeks ago but until today had been unable to accomplish it. I was able to get her new multi-site search system up and running and she thinks her client will find it satisfactory.

The final dose of accomplishment has been writing this blog entry. I know that may not seem like much, but look at my backlog, when is the last time I sat down and wrote an actual blog entry. Last week’s political commentary about Ben’s belief that the Senate is overrated does not count as a real blog entry because it doesn’t say anything about my life.

Yes indeed, it was a very good day. Of course, since today was such a good day, it’s highly likely that tomorrow I will have a horrible accident and lose an appendage or something, cause what goes up must come down and my mood today is definitely up, then again, tomorrow could be a good day too. Here’s hoping and praying!

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