How do you measure its worth

no, I’m not going to sing a christmas song…

Earlier today JMac asked me if I played with the Blogshares fantasy stock game involving blogs as the “companies” that one is trading for. I had never been there before, but it sounded interesting so I setup a user there. I was surprised to find out that my blog was already listed on and that someone has already purchased 4000 shares in it. Further more there are so far 2 changes in stock value of Cap’s Log, in April it was worth $32.08 a share and in May it was worth $43.58, so that’s cool. I’m sure there are much more popular blogs out there but, it’s cool that I’m listed.

The annoying thing is, because this is my blog, I get 1000 shares automatically, but someone else has already purchased 4000 shares, so that means that even though this is my site, I only own 20% of the market share of Cap’s Log… This is indeed an interesting past time. I intend to buy shares of JMac’s blog as soon as they become available for purchase