Busy Day

Spent much of the day working on fixing and moving the Deathstar, and dealing with the chaos that was caused by fixing and moving the Deathstar. Sadly the Deathstar seemed to blow a fuse in it’s wireless card and it’s connection to the internet was becoming incredibly intermittant.

So my first task was to determine it was not a software problem, so I then took the box offline and removed the wireless card and put the load balancing nic card back in it. I then drove to Fry’s Electronics to buy some Cat6 Patch cables and a battery backup unit for the server (to TRY and keep it online in future brownouts). I came back here and went about moving the server next to a desk in the study (where I could directly plug it into the router as well as bypass the router entirely and plug directly into the cablemodem). Well then I tried to get the software setup and determined that the cablemodem did not like that load balancing nic card for some reason and would not lease it an ip address, no matter if the router was on or off. So I disabled the dual nic that was plugged into the cablemodem and went straight off the switch built into the wireless router (still hardwired but on the LAN side of the network instead of the WAN side).

Anyway it was about this point I realized that in all my working next to and behind that desk, I had broken the desk. I spent a great deal of time trying to fix the desk but I simply could not fix it alone. So I simply hoped the desk would not fully collapse until after my father got home so that we could fix it together.

Mom came home and reminded me that I had agreed to go with her to a Fish Fry at the home of someone from her new church. I went, a bit nervous that I would not make it home in time to get online at 8 p.m. for my ACTD mission. Well it was one day I was really glad I had not eaten all day, the food was excellent. There was great fried catfish, excellent potato salad, amazing cole slaw, a surprisingly sweet kraut salad, and a good and heavy carmel cheesecake.

Suffisive to say, I left there full and satisfied, and it was nice to meet mom’s new friends. I made it home with little time to spare to make it on for the ACTD game… And then Dad and David came home from the hardware store and started working on that desk I mentioned earlier (they had come home while I was at the Fish Fry, noticed the broken desk, and gone to the hardware store to buy brackets and braces to fix it). Well while they were working on that they unplugged/unhooked the wireless router SEVERAL times, which knocked both me (for my ACTD game) and the deathstar offline over and over again, to the chagrin of myself, my crewmates on the Arcadia, and all the gamers trying to play SFC3 on the Deathstar.

And then, as I previously mentioned, I worked on my and my imzadi’s blogs to fix them up.

A very busy day….

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Nick Moline

Senior Software Engineer at Justia, Tech Wizard for Harry Potter Lexicon, Theatre Sound Designer.

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