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My Birthday

Well today was my birthday, I spent the vast majority of my day listening to Microsoft spokespeople telling me how great Microsoft is… But hey, it was a TS2 event so I get a free copy of Microsoft Office for giving them my time, and the seminars were quite enlightening. I learned several details about Windows Server 2003 which will help me with a couple of my consulting customers who use that platform.

I haven’t gotten much for my birthday this year. An old friend of mine from California sent me a book, which I received last week. It’s called bird by bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott, and so far is an interesting read. I made a comment to my old friend about a year ago that I’d picked up writing as a hobby and she obviously remembered.

Goo sent me the great gift of cash, in the form of a PayPal transaction. The lead soundman at my church gave me a $30 gift certificate to my favorite store, Fry’s Electronics, and my mother gave me a small book by the lead singer of Mercy Me. She is also, as my “larger” present, going to pay to have the tires on my car replaced, which will be nice, because I haven’t been able to drive anywhere lately.

For my birthday dinner tonight we had steaks, which were very good, and for dessert, we had Strawberry Shortcake, also very good. David wasn’t here of course, because he is still in Washington state acting in a short film entitled The Steps: Rachel.