Following my Restless night’s sleep I had a rather busy day. I received calls for support from the SWDCMA, from ERCC, and from FTMC. FTMC I handled over the phone, SWDCMA I started to handle remotely, but in the process of trying to fix their problem I had to upgrade the firmware on their router, which of course resulted in resetting the router’s settings to factory conditions. So I had to bum a ride from one of David’s friends to get over to the SWDCMA office and set the router back up.

Things didn’t slow down after hitching a ride home from Iris. At home I had to deal with Pastor Tom calling wanting a status report on the massive project I’ve undertaken for his website. Simultaneously while I was talking to him on the cell phone the house phone rang, and David, despite my constant requests not to ever be given the phone at home, gave me the phone so I had to deal with the collection agency on the other end.

I then went to the store with my Dad (actually two stores cause we had to go to Albertsons on the other side of town cause he needed to buy beer for something he is going to cook tomorrow but they don’t sell it in this part of town, then we went to the closer store where my bank was located so that I could deposit a check.

In case anyone has forgotten from the other day, my car is missing a front right tire so I can’t drive it, which is why I’m hitching all these rides with everyone.

While talking on the phone with my girlfriend tonight we finished reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which we have been reading for over a month and a half now over the phone to each other. Before we start reading OOtP however we are going to finish reading another book we had previously started reading together while I was visiting her.

Nick Moline

Senior Software Engineer at Justia, Tech Wizard for Harry Potter Lexicon, Theatre Sound Designer.

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