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A Wedding, a Graduation, and other stories.

The next couple days after my vacation were over were jam packed.

First, on Saturday (May 28th), a couple good friends of mine, Pedro Cortez and Crystal Cooper, were married. My brother David was one of Pedro's groomsman. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I am very happy for them.

The next day, Sunday (May 29th), my brother graduated High School… No, I'm not joking, David graduated High School, so anyone who knows my mother should tease her that there are no longer any school aged children in the house. I have put up a number of pictures of Davids graduation in my Gallery. I really need a better camera….

The following week was eventful, I went over to the District office a few times to get some work done.

I was unfortunately unable to talk to my girlfriend for the first few days of the week because she was on vacation in Gattlingburg. I wouldn't have been able to talk to her at all that week except that a few days into it, her teeth really started hurting her, so her family had to go home early. I’ve been praying for her teeth ever since.

Thursday I had a double feature day. It had been the first time I had gone to see a movie since the Passion of the Christ, so I was very eager to see a movie again. I had already bought my ticket to go see Harry Potter: and the Prisoner of Azkaban at 12:01 a.m. (yes that’s right, I went to go see a kids movie at midnight on the first showing, I like Harry Potter OK?) but earlier in the day David really wanted to go see a movie, so we went to see Shrek 2. Both movies were excellent and I greatly enjoyed them.

My girlfriend went to the dentist yesterday to see about her teeth and they told her that she was going to need to see a specialist, so she’s worried about the cost of that.

Yesterday I began a process I like to call The Big Clean – June 2004. My room has been a mess, so it’s high time I start trying to get it clean. To get an idea how bad it was, I’ve taken several “before” pictures which can be seen in my gallery.

So I’ve taken a bit of a break from that to write these back blog entries.

Also yesterday I had an interview for an Executive Officer position in ACTD, which was interesting, I hope I get it. I created this character back in 1998, and it would sure be nice for him to finally be able to have some command experience. There have been people I’ve known who joined ACTD after I did but are SM (Ship Managers) while my character is still a Lieutenant.

Anyway, back to The Big Clean June 2004….