Dead Phone

Last night my phone was acting up worse then ever before. Every time would attempt to dial it would hangup, and when the battery died, it would simply refuse to charge, I plugged it in for hours, it never charged. At about 2:30 I tried to open the phone to try it once again and I heard a snap sound, I saw a piece fly up and the phone fell in half, it’s horrible.

Today I went down to the Verizon Wireless store where I found out that I have apparently been paying for an insurance policy on my telephone along with my phone service. I went to the bank and transferred enough money between accounts to cover the $50 deductable, then I came home and called the claims number. They apparently did not have a T720 in stock so they decided to set me up with a different “comparable” phone.

They are setting me up with an LG VX-4400. I went to PhoneSnoop and compared the LG-4400 to a T720 to see what I’m getting.

It seems that the insurance policy also covers my car charger (that has been broken ever since I visited Tennessee back in September) so not only am I getting a new cell phone but a new car charger as well, which is good, since this is a different brand of phone and even if the charger wasn’t broken, it wouldn’t work with this phone anyway.

Unfortunately I of course have to wait for overnight shipping. Since it is Sunday and they cannot ship on Sunday, they will ship it overnight tomorrow which means I will receive my phone on Tuesday, so tomorrow I’m without a phone, as I was today. Below you will find a table comparing my current phone (T720) with the new one (LG-4400).

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There will be a few concessions of course, but overall I think the new phone will be better then my old one. I spent some time scrolling through the first 4 pages of reviews on the 4400 and in all that there was only one bad review, the rest were all extremely positive, and most specifically said it was better then the T720, so I’m looking forward to receiving it Tuesday.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to the District Office to finish up a few tasks involved in stabilizing their new server.

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