Slackin' and Poetry

Well John posted an entry in his blog pointing out that he is the only one of all his friends who faithfully posts in his blog every day. I guess that makes me a slacker.

Much has happened in the last several days so let’s get cracking. First of all, I would like to thank my Imzadi for posting such a beautiful poem about love. Darling I love reading that poem, it brings a little tear to my eye each time I read it, which has been several times.

This morning I was finally able to get my application to become a Microsoft partner was approved and I was able to redeem my TS2 certificate to get my copy of Office 2003, I look forward to finding out how becoming a Microsoft partner can increase the revenue stream for my business. Running A/V for the whole church Sunday morning actually went pretty well, only a few small glitches, I look forward to the next time I’m allowed to run sound for the Sunday service.

Monday and Tuesday I didn’t get much done, and by Tuesday night I was feeling useless. The Upside of both days is I spent much of each day talking to my Imzadi on the phone. I love talking to her and I’ve gotten to talk to her a lot this week, I’m really glad for that.

Today however was pretty productive. I got up in the morning and got on-line, it was then that I noticed that I got the e-mail back from Partner Support that they have manually approved my application and given me the authorization code since the automated system didn’t work, I got my software ordered and then I drove to the District/Church office. I walked into the District office first and talked with Iris who was mentioning the competency levels of the Computer consulting firm that they employ to maintain their server. More on that later. Then I went in to the church office and went to fixing Chris Moore’s computer, which had an odd problem in it. For no apparent reason several important files in Windows 98 vanished without a trace. Files like EMM386.exe, HiMem.sys, and….

In attempt to fix it himself, Chris has installed Windows 2000 since he couldn’t get the Windows 98 CD to boot (they don’t often do that). He installed Windows 2000 but did a full install not an upgrade install and was confused why all his program shortcuts and such were gone, and more importantly why he couldn’t install MS Office on the system. The reason he couldn’t install Office was of course that Office requires that you install the 2000 Service Packs first. I brought my handy dandy Security Updates CD and got him all up to date and installed Office for them.

After I got done in there I went back to the District Office where I was informed that the district was completely fed up with the current Computer Consulting firm they have hired to maintain their network and that I should submit a resumé and a proposal for a price structure and they would strongly consider hiring my company to maintain their network as opposed to this company that is costing them a fortune and not doing their jobs.

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