Event Review


(This is a retroactive post, this post is written from the perspective of the day it occurred on Friday but was not posted until Sunday)

This evening I attended the Official CD Release Party of The Evermore Project at Cafe Friday.

Cafe Friday is an interesting and unusual ministry of The Church At Burleson involving a coffee shop style environment with live musical guests and a unique message style. As I stated this week’s musical guest was The Evermore Project, a band of 4 of which 3 of the 4 band members plus the sound man for the group attend the same church I go to (Eden Road Community Church) which was the reason I decided to go to Cafe Friday this evening. This was not just a normal concert for Evermore, but it was the official release party for their CD “Rain On Me.” (The CD can be purchased from Deacon Of Noise Records a small record company owned and operated by Eliacim Cortez, the sound man for both Eden Road and The Evermore Project. Incidentally, I love the Deacon Of Noise logo even though it is not the general logo style I like:

Deacon of Noise Records

Cafe Friday was an interesting environment, it all began with a video clip from The Fighting Temptations (a movie which I previously reviewed Here) where Cuba Gooding Jr.’s character is in church for a funeral and his cell phone rings, the pastor of the church says “Son if that isn’t Jesus calling, turn it off.” So already the mood was set light just from the clip they played to tell people to turn their phones off. Then The Evermore got up, and I’ve seen these guys several times, but this night they were exceptionally good. My dad also agreed that they sounded better tonight then we’ve ever heard them. It also turned out to be Pedro’s (the drummer for both Evermore and ERCC as well as a good friend of David and I’s) Birthday.

The teaching time was interesting, it was interrupted twice, first for an funny little video clip of the speaker putting on a karate uniform and then being beat up by a Karate expert. The segment was funny but was shot in fast motion, so it would have been more funny with either cheesy Batman style “WHAMO” and “FWAP” blurbs or doing the whole thing in sepia tones making it like a silent picture, or… since it was Karate, could have done it with bad voice dubbing like a Martial Arts movie. The point of the segment was to illustrate that just because he put on the karate uniform, didn’t mean he knew karate; so many people put on the costume of a good christian, but when faced with issues, they don’t know how to act as a Christian should.

Anyway after more of his message they paused again for a little skit about how people who don’t spend time with Jesus end up trying to leave him behind and not carry Him with them as they go about their daily lives.

After the remainder of the message Evermore got back up and finished their set. Got home after 11, quite late but it was a fun evening non-the-less.