Microsoft, ACTD, and cell phones

I spent Tuesday at a Regal Cinemas in Fort Worth where I was attending 2 Microsoft Seminars. The first one was TouchPoint and the second was TS2. TouchPoint’s purpose was for small business owners and workers to find out what MS Office 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2003 can do for them. TS2 was for IT Professionals and was far more interesting. They showed how these advanced functions actually worked, as well as explain to me how my business can make money selling and servicing Microsoft Products.

In the TouchPoint event I won a door prize of a pen that the bottom half of the pen is one of those “space pens” that supposedly writes upside down and underwater and all that, and the top of the pen unscrews to reveal a USB Pen-drive. Coupled with all the nifty Microsoft parting gifts I was given on the way out of each event it was a pretty nice day.

I have officially resigned from ACTD last night, I’m going to miss the game but I really feel I need to get my professional life back together before I can think about things like playing games on-line. The past couple months ACTD has only added stress to my already stress-filled life, and ACTD is a game, it’s supposed to be a stress buster not a stress multiplier. Hopefully I can come back to the game soon, after I get some other aspects of my life back on track

My Imzadi still hasn’t received her Phone, but I figured it would come either Wednesday or Thursday so it should be arriving tomor… er today, wow it’s 1:30 in the morning, I better get some sleep I have a lot of work to do today. Goodnight.

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