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Has Beens and Wannabies

Saturday my family and I watched a movie on DVD called Dickie Roberts – Former Child Star. The movie started kind of slowly and so my mom quickly lost interest. And overall it's probably not all that good of a comedy, but it did have some very hilarious scenes in it.

Dad really got a kick out of recognizing all the former child star cameo roles in the film. I didn't really recognize most of them, but the ones I did recognize made for some interesting viewing. The funniest part of the movie had to be the end credits, however. The filmmakers decided to gather absolutely every child star they could get their hands on and shoved them into the same room to perform a song about how much these former child stars are sick of being referred to as such. Verses like:

People say I'm not as cute
as the Dennis the Mennis I used to be
Well I guess I just forgot not to get older
Silly Me

He's got a point
aging happens to everyone
but it probably wouldn't have hurt him
to stay out of the sun

And my personal favorite line in the song:

Don't say “Hey didn't you used to be” or I'll stick your head through a Vintage TV

It was so funny I had to go to the special features on the DVD and watch the full-screen extended version of the song too. Anyway, it's not exactly a movie I'm going to go out and buy to keep around, but it was definitely worth the rent and I may rent it again someday to see it again.

One big nitpick though, there was this scene where the young girl and her “arch rival” were both trying out for pep squad or something like that. The rival, who is of course this 9/10 year old girl, did this dance routine to “I wanna be Bad” that was very very… very very not what a 9/10 year old should be doing, or anybody for that matter, yikes!