A Gaggle of Gifts

Note – May 2006 – This is the third blog entry I have found in my editing of my blog that has been edited by my ex-girlfriend trying to remove the header of the message.  This post used to be a lovely reminder of the high point of my relationship with her, which despite the horrible endings and how vindictive and mean she became after the relationship ended, I still would like to remember the good times.  Plus this post was written on a day when I was very sick and about to lose my job and yet it was a message of a day that was actually kind of nice.

I was woken up at 5:30 in the afternoon by my mother calling me as she entered the house saying I had 2 packages on the front porch waiting for me. They were both from my Girlfriend containing gifts she had sent me. She sent me 3 stuffed bears, a framed picture of herself, a wallet sized version of the same picture, a Valentines Day Card, a letter, and a poem that she wrote. It really warmed my heart to receive these gifts of her love. I love you Imzadi, more each and every day.

I need to build a shelf over my piano to place these tokens of her love so that I can look at them from my bed and remember her love (except for the wallet sized picture, which I’ll keep with me)

Later when I finally opened up my laptop I was doing my normal rounds through my various e-mail accounts and noticed something in my main ACTD e-mail account. It was a notification that my character Lieutenant Junior Grade Cap (Bynar) was promoted to the rank of full Lieutenant. At the time of the actual game on the Scorpius my character didn’t have that much to do during the mission but there was a nice brief ceremony following the mission when his promotion was noted.

Plus I’m back to blogging, this being my second blog entry of the day (although it’s now 2:22 a.m. so it’s really a new day) so all in all, it’s been a very nice day.

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