Theatre Work Stress


Over a 2 months…. That’s a very long time since my last blog entry. Both the blog server and the client I use to write my blogs have been updated in this time, and not a single message from me. This should be the first indication on how stressful my life has become as of late. It is difficult to understand how things can both be better then ever and worse then ever at the same time, but I will try to explain.

I will start with the good. My personal life has never been better. As my previous entries indicate, I have fallen in love. Every day I love my Imzadi more, and she loves me too. I oh so long for the next time I can visit her. My self esteem and emotional states have never been higher.

But nothing is ever perfect… Financially and Professionally I have reached new lows in my life. I have been working longer and harder on a steady incline for the past several months. Last week I put in over 75 hours working, yet I haven’t been paid at all since mid December. This lack of income has resulted in my biggest financial slump of my life.

A Major financial institution (Bank of America) is threatening to sue me on a regular basis if I don’t pay what they say I owe them in full. Speaking of which, Bank of America set me up with a credit card account I never signed up for and then let it get charged up without my authorization and then would not work with me on it, so if I can ever dig myself out of this hole you can be sure BofA will NEVER get any of my money in the future. They don’t deserve it.

The biggest annoyance of this financial difficulty is that I cannot visit my Imzadi. Our relationship is unfortunately long distance right now and I long to visit her so much it hurts. D, if you read this, I’m so sorry that my visit to you has been delayed so long. I hope to visit you again as soon as humanly possible. I love you always.

On further updates from my last blog entry, there are 5 chapters in the FFX2 and because I’ve been so busy I haven’t even beaten Chapter 2 yet.

Also, I’ve been working hard mostly on this wireless project. We now have the main transmitter and one repeater fully functional, we have our 2nd repeater nearly ready to be in operation and should be finishing our 3rd repeater within the next couple weeks, hopefully we can start getting clients online and then we can start generating some revenue so that perhaps I can get paid again… I hope….

Tonight I went to the premier of my brother’s play. He was in a play entitled A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, which was quite entertaining. I hope I’ll get to see it again, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time. His next performance is tomorrow but I will be at church helping with a lock-in for the youth group. He has another performance Saturday but I will probably be too tired after the lock-in and I have other commitments anyway. There’s another performance on Monday, perhaps I’ll be able to attend that one, I don’t know.

Well I need to get some sleep and then some more work done, so I’m going to go now, darn.. 4 a.m. where does the time go….. Goodnight everybody.