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Note – May 2006 – As I am editing all of my blog entries I started to notice everything that she had wrecked, she destroyed anything in the Love category, which she obviously wasn’t even looking at, because this article, which she tried to destroy had absolutely nothing to do with her, it was talking about games, music, and movies, none of which had anything to do with her.  She just likes destroying things that aren’t hers.</em>

[Listening to: What I Like About You – Lillix – Freaky Friday Soundtrack (02:47)]

I spent some time this afternoon hooking up my surround system that has sat boxed since I moved back to TX. So when I was done with that, what else could I do but… pop in a DVD and enjoy! After watching The Santa Clause 2, I spent a few hours enjoying Final Fantasy X-2 in Dolby surround sound!

[Listening to: Ultimate – Track 01 – Lindsay Lohan – Freaky Friday (03:06)]

In case you can’t tell I’m looking forward to the upcoming Freaky Friday DVD release by listening to the songs I had previously downloaded when the movie hit theaters.

[Listening to: Me Vs. The World – Halo Friendlies – Freaky Friday Soundtrack (03:48)]

After gaming with my PS2 for a while I went to the church youth group to work on my play and then watch a movie with the youth group. Tonight we watched Joshua, a christian movie about what if Jesus came back today, how might he be received. A good movie as far as Christian movies go, practically no special effects at all but it didn’t really need any. Ya should give it a try. It was pretty good.

Well that’s all for tonight’s post, gonna go finish playing with my gal and then go get some sleep, I have a very long day ahead of me in the morning.

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