Headaches, Work Hatred, and worries of love

Ah another day, another bout of pain…. I am really wondering why my head is hurting so much lately, but it is really bugging me how much my head hurts at times. I cannot remember ever not having a headache in my life, but lately, they have been really bad, I guess it must be stress. Have I mentioned lately how much I absolutely hate my job? Oh… I did, oh well, I'm saying it again anyway, I hate working for Metrotime!

My boss was complaining about absolutely everything today, even though I managed to accomplish not 1 but 3 major tasks today, which considering I'm the entire IT department of that company is a major accomplishment indeed, yet for whatever reason he was complaining about everything today, things weren't working exactly the way he wanted so I'd fix that, then I'd go back to working on a major task, then he'd be complaining about something else and I'd fix that, and go back to the major task, so between fielding his whining and getting 3 major tasks done, I worked a very hard day for barely any gratitude at all! Oh, I hope I can find a better job soon, or I think the stress of this hard work with little pay and no appreciation will end up putting me in a psych ward.

At least I was able to talk to D for a long time tonight, I'm rarely able to get ahold of her and I do enjoy talking to her, so the few times I can talk to her on the phone are always a good way to lift my spirits for the day. Unlike me, she had a good day, however when I called her she said she was waiting for a call from her old boyfriend, so I'm wondering if that means she is getting back together with him, I hope not because I was hoping to be her new boyfriend. Course I probably shouldn't write this cause D is just about the only person I know who ever reads this, and I hope that if she does she won't get mad at me or anything. And if she does… D, I'm so looking forward to visiting you.