Meetings, A/V and my new Laptop

Today was a very long day, I had to get up earlier than normal today to get to the office so that we could ride to Dallas and get there by 11:30 for a meeting with a long-time client of Metrotime. Shortly into the beginning of the meeting my cell phone rang, this is the first time this has ever happened to me during a business meeting. I was going to ignore it but the client said he needed an excuse to step out of the room for a minute anyway, so I took the call. It was “Mr. E,” the head of the audio/visual team at my church.

He called to ask me if I could be at the church at 6 p.m. tonight to help run PowerPoint for the “Team Build” meeting that was going to take place this evening and if I could run the soundboard on Saturday for a seminar that was going to take place that he would be unable to run sound for, I said sure on both counts. Momentarily after hanging up the client returned and described the tasks that he needed me to do for him, we left the office and Dallas and took 3 other stops on the way back to Fort Worth, 2 quick office stops and a lunch stop at Taco Bell (yummy, cheesy gordita crunch), before heading back to the office, then I did some work on some cd duplications and some editing of the Metrotime website. I left just after 5 so that I could stop at the bank and get some cash on the way to the church, I arrived at 5:52 exactly and worked the event till 8:30 when I came home.

So that's pretty much my life today, oh btw, I'm having a blast with my new laptop, it doesn't run anywhere near as hot as most of the laptops I've used in the past, and the battery life is amazing, I was using it at the church for over an hour with the wireless card enabled not plugged in and when I was about to shut it down the battery gage read 5 hours 3 minutes of battery remaining, amazing. Well, g'night for tonight, TTFN!