Work Writing

Loss of a laptop and a book

Today I had to send back the company laptop to North Carolina, over $70 it cost to ship that thing, yowza!

So now I have no computer of my own to use anymore, someone online suggested I check out rent-a-center so I've submitted an info request to them, my Dad said I should check out Dell's financing options on getting a laptop so I've done some looking there as well, so hopefully I will have a laptop again soon so that I can continue to work.

Worked on trying to get the billing system working on the new server today, had a few snags but I should be able to iron them out quickly enough, just not right now, right now I'm going home, I'm tired and I haven't eaten anything ALL DAY!

Other than that, not much is happening, except for the fact that I just realized that the .doc file of my new book I'm writing (Another Time) was on that laptop that I just shipped away DOH!!!!! I forgot to take the file off, how stupid of me! Aww, man! Oh well, I guess I'll have to start over at the beginning, darn and I was 2 chapters into the book already too.

Well, I'll update again tomorrow I think, TTFN!