Writing Family

No brotherly visit

What I meant to mention in my earlier post but neglected to say because I started ranting is that the latest thing to bug me in my life is the fact that I had been very much looking forward to my brother visiting me today from TX, but his flight was canceled and he couldn't come. The flights aren't looking very good for tomorrow either so I am not sure if he will make it tomorrow either.

Well, I thought that I should write another chapter of Miles Apart because if my brother catches me writing a Lizzie McGuire fanfic he would tease me relentlessly, so I figured I'd get another chapter in before he came to hold me over till I had some privacy again. Unfortunately, I have come across something that I haven't had before while writing this story, a slight case of writer’s block. It's not that I don't have ideas on how to continue the story, in actuality I have 4 completely different ideas on how to continue from this point, and I'm having the hardest time deciding between them…. perhaps I could do multiple reality storyline and try them all? Or not, that's too confusing, I think I'll just have to spend a little while to decide on one of them, perhaps I'll write it later tonight.