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Boredom, Insane ACTD Characters, and a Personality Disorder test

This w.bloggar thingy is pretty cool, nice to be able to work on the blog without signing into the site first and stuff, not to mention it makes it like writing an e-mail, all y'all that do this kind of stuff should give it a try.

Ug today was absolutely boring, I normally watch a few Disney Channel shows on Saturdays but they are doing a Kim Possible Marathon and I don't really care about Kim Possible, someone kill me now!

It's not that I dislike Kim Possible, I watch it when there is nothing else on, but as such I've seen just about every episode, and since it doesn't really excite me or anything, 8 hours of reruns of a show I don't care one way or the other about is incredibly dull!

I'd spend my time writing another chapter of my story but I already posted one today (as you can see here) and only 8 people have seen that new chapter so far so another one today might be pushing it, not even sure if anyone likes my previous chapter.

Anyway, the day is boring but it contrasts well with yesterday being ridiculously busy for me. Yesterday I had to rush to the office because my coworker was having problems with his laptop, then I was working on some plans for altering the structure of the company I work for to encourage the RIAA to not stop our funding and close us down. Then at 5 minutes to quitting time, a customer calls with no service. We rush over there and end up spending a couple of hours working in the hot sun to get the customer working again, I quickly ate dinner and then I rushed home and had a matter of minutes to spare before my ACTD mission.

The ACTD mission however was the highlight of my day yesterday, it was hilarious. For those of you who don't know, ACTD stands for A Call To Duty and is an IRC-based Star Trek Role Playing Game (RPG). I played for a few years a long time ago, about 6 months before I left the game however I “killed” off my first character by having him fall into a spiraling vortex, nobody knows what ACTD did to kill off my 2nd character.

Anyway, when I rejoined recently I decided to instead of creating a new character, revive my first one, who it turns out has spent the last 4 years marooned on a moon with a tropical environment and absolutely no humanoid life.

So my character who was “Rescued” about a month ago is still suffering from cast away syndrome and is slightly insane, and last night I really got to push my insanity to the max. See last night took place after an engineered 2-day time-lapse, as I was in my quarters at the end of the last mission and there was a guard posted at my door, I assumed that I have spent the last 2 days in lockdown. Of course, since I had just spent the last 4 years with an entire moon to myself, being locked in a small room was upsetting to me, so I started by pounding on the walls and shouting “LET ME OUT LET ME OUT” and “I FREE, I CLAUSTER…. CLASTER… CLOSTER.. small space scared”, then after doing that for a few minutes my character decided that he was too heavy in 1G gravity, as the moon he had lived on had about 1/4 Earth gravity, so he started tampering with the Artificial Gravity Generators in his quarters, he made a simple mistake and instead of decreasing the gravity, shut it off, which to a bored insane person was a lot of fun, so instead of fixing it, I flew around the room singing “He flies through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young man on the flying trapeze.”

Well of course main engineering noticed that the gravity in my quarters had gone nill incredibly quickly and the Chief Engineer came to investigate. As he entered my quarters (wearing magnetic boots) he just happened to come in at the same time I flew at top speed directly towards the door area, I rammed into him at maximum speed, and he angrily threw me out of the gravity-free room into the hallway (that still had gravity) causing me to fall to the ground. After fixing the gravity in the room, the CEO asked me to join him in the Mess Hall for a drink, at which point I explained my weird grammar structure as being a result of using my telepathic powers (I was full Betazoid) to talk to the animals of the moon I lived on for 4 years, also explaining why my telepathic powers had grown incredibly strong over that period of time.

So anyway I had a great time exercising my character's insanity, it is the most fun I have every week. I guess it lets me get my inner insanity out, speaking of insanity. My friend Mike sent me a URL for a Personality Disorder test to take this week, here are my results:


















Very High





That's it for this “episode” of my blog, TTFN.