Nick Moline


Nicholas Scott Moline is a Senior Software Engineer at , a company in Mountain View, California dedicated to making the law free and available for everyone. At Justia Nick works on a variety of free legal information projects with the rest of the talented engineering team there.

Unfortunately he struggled with being overweight all his life. In January, 2011 enough was enough and Nick decided to start losing weight. He weighed in at 490.2 pounds. After 2 years of diet, exercise and surgery, Nick currently (as of April 24, 2013) weighs in at 302.0 pounds, 188.2 pounds lost. He still has a long way to go, but he's proud of his progress and looks forward to breaking the 300 pound barrier very soon. Track his health progress on fitbit or on his blog's Weight Loss category

Check out Nick Moline's blog to find out more about him. He occasionally also writes on Justia's Blog. He can also be found on twitter as @nickmoline, as well as on Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nick currently lives in Sunnyvale, California with his wife , their best friend and roommate , and their two cats Jax and Joules.

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