In the second post in the Collaborative Law Firm Series of posts over on Justia’s Legal Marketing & Technology Blog, I expand on the previous topic of instant messaging services to focus on services for chatting with groups of people at once.

In this article I review Slack, Stride/HipChat, Flock, and Chanty. I also discuss using your existing Instant Messaging services as a multi-user chat with Google Hangouts Chat and Skype for Business. And finally, as before I give you a self-hosted option by talking about running your own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) service on a local server.

Check out the article for my findings.

My latest post on Justia’s Blog reiterates the impending deadline for migrating your site to HTTPS. If you haven’t migrated your site to HTTPS yet, you need to get right on that.

Check out my article for more on why it is important to migrate your site right away, and check out my previous article on the subject which includes describing the pitfalls you’ll run into when trying to migrate your site to HTTPS.

Today, August 10th, is my 35th birthday. I have to say this is the first birthday where I’ve actually felt “old.” I realize the many friends I have who are older than me probably think that is silly, but to me this seems like a real benchmark year. It makes me feel like I should come up with some numbers to quantify my life. Note I’m sticking to things that have numbers here, not listing specific life events unless it is to count them.

For a small business, it can be hard to decide which tech products and services you want to use to solve the various needs of your employees and clients. To that end I’ve started a new series of posts on Justia’s Legal Marketing & Technology Blog to help business owners make an informed decision for their business.

While the series is aimed at Law Firms, it contains helpful comparisons that are helpful to any small business. The first post in this series is about Instant Messaging services. I review several mainstream services (Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger), as well as business hosted services (Skype for Business, GSuite Hangouts), and even describe how you can host your own instant messaging service within your company using XMPP.

This past weekend I had the absolute privilege of running sound for The Refuge‘s first show, Next to Normal. When the opportunity was sent to me, I hesitated, it was going to be a real challenge, no lengthy week of tech/dress rehearsals to get sound right, unknown sound equipment in an unknown space, and no orchestra pit meaning the band is on stage which makes controlling the audio levels much more difficult. On top of this, the show was in San Francisco, meaning I’d have a long commute to and from the show each day.